Chris Noth talks ‘love and the City 3’

chris-noth-national-tv-awards_4036473 It is still unknown whether there will be love and the City 3 movie, but Chris Noth expects he would sign up if there was a third film.

Talking at the National Television Awards in London on Wednesday, the actor told BANG Showbiz: ”I don’t know anything about it. I haven’t heard a thing about it. I suppose (I would reprise the role). Really, it’s doubtful it’ll happen. For some reason that particular rumor likes to pop up a lot. They say that every year so I don’t think about it too much. Maybe it’ll happen.”

love and the City 2 was released in 2010 and Sarah Jessica Parker previously said she would happily reprise her role as Carrie Bradshaw.

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4 responses to “Chris Noth talks ‘love and the City 3’”

  1. Tori says:

    If so many actors are willing to reprise their roles in the famous Sex I the city TV series, why wouldn’t they make a 3rd season? It would be interesting I believe. I am sure there are many people, who would like to see the sequel. Am I not right? Please, submit your comments, whoa re interested in Sex in the City 3 release, we’ll see how many of us.

  2. Keyla says:

    So what, it means that there will be no more “Sex and the City”? I cannot believe it, Chris Noth is probably playing full right now , as he doesn’t want to ruin the surprise that the movie soon will be released, awe come on, I cannot believe that that’s it, and there will be no new moments along with Carrie, Mr. Big, and girls. I loved their sense of humor in this show. And from the other side maybe it is for the better, as I saw many second or third parts of the movies that were very popular, and honestly speaking those movies were a total crap. So hopefully if they’ll still shoot the “Sex and the City 3” it will be a good one, otherwise I will get pissed. I am wondering why Chris Noth and Sarah Jessica Parker, have never dated in real life, they seemed to be such a great couple in reality, I think that sucks, as they could have some very beautiful kids together. Matthew Broderick never was good enough for Jessica; she always looked like a swan, while he looked as a grey goose. Probably that is the reason why their marriage has never really worked out; some things take time before being revealed.

  3. Tanny says:

    Awe it is such a shame they do not want to do the third part of the “Sex and the City”, I am waiting for the release of this movie for a very long time already, what the heck is wrong with those guys, I mean is it so difficult to make up a new story about those four great girls? I don’t know why but when I am watching this TV show (and I have watched it from the first season, till the sixth one for many, many times already) I get the feeling that Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte are not really playing, but being themselves. This TV show has helped me so much in my personal life, as Carrie is writing in her column about the things that each girl feels, she really knows what she is writing about, and I think it is awesome, there are things that you need to understand, but cannot ask mom about them, as she will start getting all worried and crazy about it, while in this movie those moments are described very well. It is a pity that in real life Chris Noth had never married Sarah Jessica Parker; I think they would have been a perfect couple not only on the working stage but in real life as well.

  4. Claire says:

    I guess it is the end of the era called “Sex and the City” and honestly speaking I feel sorry and sad about that, I have watched the entire show for many reckless times, and still am able to find something new and interesting each time I am watching it. So it is a real shame to know that this is it, and there will be no new episodes. But from the other side, that is life, and there will be a new great TV show. The worst thing is that in the new show there will be no Mr. Big- Chris Noth, and probably will be no sarcastic jokes from Miranda, or horny ones from Samantha, or daydreaming and swimming in the pink vanilla skies from Charlotte. I love all those girls, and it is hard to admit that they will not shoot the “Sex and the City 3”. I should admit that when I heard about the first full movie part of it, I thought that it will be a crap that will make me feel bad about the entire TV show, but I loved it! The second full movie was not very good, but still it didn’t ruin my impression about the whole show, so maybe it was about the time to finish with the entire show thing on that point.