Christian Bale regrets outburst

christian-bale In an interview with Variety, Christian Bale said he regrets his infamous outburst on a film set in 2008.

The actor flew into a rage on the set of Terminator Salvation when director of photography Shane Halburt accidentally walked into a scene. Bale admits that his behaviour was wrong and feels sorry.

He said: ”It was not the way to behave. It was wrong, end of story. I desire not to be that person who would behave in that fashion.”

The story made the headlines after an audio recording leaked online but Christian was mostly worried that the incident might affect his work and the way people percieve him as an actor.

bale ”It was less about embarrassing myself, because I actually have a strange kind of enjoyment of humiliation. It was more about recognising that I never want to know anything about the actors I watch. The more you’re out there and known for things like that, the less audiences can enjoy your performance,” the actor explained.

Even though he takes his work seriously, Bale thinks that acting is funny. ”I find what I do for a living really funny. I mean, acting is kind of a hilarious thing for a grown man to call a job,” he added.

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One response to “Christian Bale regrets outburst”

  1. Kristen says:

    I am happy Christian Bale is sorry for his outburst. No matter how much it makes you happy to humiliate others, you cannot just do it. I se he was afraid to lose his fame and even job. Well, these are very true and reasonable reasons. Infamous actors are not in demand among film directors. Bad fame can ruin one’s career. And I do agree that acting is a funny thing to get aid for , but this is what million people enjoy watching, including me.))