Colin Farrell’s first Christmas in Los Angeles

colin-farrell-at-bbc-radio_3973705 This is the first Christmas Colin Farrell is not spending in his native Ireland.

The actor will stay in Los Angeles with his family and friends. His mother Rita, who recently got married, will come to Colin’s LA home with her husband Joe and spend the holidays there.

“Usually I go home to Ireland, not this year, it’ll be the first because mum’s gonna be here with Joe… It’ll be the first Christmas in Los Angeles. There’ll be about 14 people over at my house,” Farrell said. “It’s a great time of year, the two weeks around Christmas, I’ll miss spending it in Ireland this year, I must say.”

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2 responses to “Colin Farrell’s first Christmas in Los Angeles”

  1. Miranda says:

    Sometimes it is really good to break the tradition and spending Christmas at the place you live with your family and friends. I also believe in being home sick and I think Colin has a great tradition to spend Christmas in his homeland – Ireland. Well, this Christmas is special for him since he is breaking the rule, but still spends it in the circle of close and dear people and they really make place home, not the walls, or furniture or decorations…

  2. Trevor says:

    Well, breaking rules and traditions is good and refreshing sometimes! Why not for Christmas? Colin can visit Ireland during another time of the year. The first Christmas in LA is also a great experience. So, tell us, Colin, did you enjoy it? Did you have fun?