Corey Feldman living in fear

Corey-Feldman Following the publication of his new autobiography, Coreyology, former child star Corey Feldman fears for his safety as he is sure that Hollywood bosses and stars who preyed on him and other kids want to silence him.

In his memoir, Feldman details the sexual, emotional and physical abuse he suffered as a child in Hollywood. Corey doesn’t mention particular names in his book but he has identified one former talent manager, Martin Weiss, who is a convicted child molester.

Appearing on Access Hollywood Live on Thursday, Feldman said, “I know a lot of these monsters are definitely still working in the industry… Marty Weiss… is out there. If he wants to put a hit on me, hey, I believe God protects me from evil like that… but I am very scared.

corey-feldman-get-lucky-for-lupus-la_3864848“As much as I go out there with bravery and confidence and I talk like I’m positive, I still have my moments where I question it… Last night, I was sitting there going, ‘Oh my God, a whole nother sic day of interviews. Am I doing the right thing? God, please give me guidance.'”

Corey also added: “My mom doesn’t support this. I didn’t even wanna tell my story, I was scared to tell my story, but I just knew somewhere in my heart this has to be done.”

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One response to “Corey Feldman living in fear”

  1. Allen says:

    Thanks for the candidacy, Corey. Unfortunately, not many like it these days. I would be happy to read the work. Still, not happy he has to overcome all this and now live in fear. I hope God gives you the right guidance and you stay safe and sound. I am looking for the book to read.