Craziest celebrity internet hoaxes

In Hollywood, you know you’ve made it when you become victim of a hoax. Internet is full of information, but a lot of it is incorrect so don’t believe everything you read online. Take a look at some of the most ridiculous celebrity internet hoaxes.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart; Robert Pattinson







Once rumors of a relationship between Twilight stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson began circulating, it was only a matter of time before someone threw a baby into the equation. Back in July 2009, reports claimed that Kristen was expecting Robert’s child. Obviously this turned out not to be true!

Morgan Freeman








A post supposedly from CNN, spread the false report that Freeman died in his home in December of 2010. “RT @CNN: Breaking News: actor Morgan Freeman has passed away in his Burbank home,” was retweeted by many Twitter users, including LiveNewsWire and ESPN’s Bruce Feldman. CNN later stated that they were not responsible for the original tweet.

Vanessa Hudgens








After those nude pictures of High School Musical starlet Vanessa Hudgens hit the web, she became an easy target for hoaxers. Prank reports since the incident include that Vanessa was arrested for underage drinking after being caught in a Hollywood club, and even that there was a Christmas-themed love tape doing the rounds.

Jackie Chan








Within hours of its creation on August 17, 2011, the Facebook group called “Jackie Chan R.I.P.” earned nearly 150,000 likes, and spawned a global Twitter trend. Earlier, in March ’11, Chan was falsely reported dead of a heart attack.

Paris Hilton








The socialite seems to be an easy target for hoaxers. Since stepping into the spotlight, such internet hoaxes have included rumors she had been stabbed in jail, that she had become a spokesperson for “binge-drinking elephants in India” and that she wants to be cryogenically frozen with her dogs when she dies.

Miley Cyrus








As well as rumors that she had died, Miley was reported to be pregnant in a 2007 hoax, after a doctored magazine article appeared online quoting the then-14-year-old as saying: “I’m going to take good care of my baby, I’ve already gained seven pounds… I was in real shock when it happened accidentally, I went a little to [sic] far. I’m sorry to all of my fans.”

Tom Hanks








A false report of Tom Hanks’ death spread quickly in November of 2006. Rumor held that America’s most endearing actor had fallen to his death, when stumbling off a cliff while filming a movie. It turned out Hanks was alive in Ontario, Canada at the time.

Harrison Ford








Shortly following Michael Jackson’s death, rumors began claiming the lives of other celebrities as well. One report, published in June of 2009, said that Harrison Ford had died aboard a yacht, off the coast of San Tropez.









Rihanna has both died in a fiery plane crash (via Twitter rumors in January 2011) and “sunk into an alcohol-induced coma before succumbing to heart attack” (via a photoshopped article on a phony French news site in August of the same year).

Tom Cruise








Tom Cruise is no stranger to the bizarre world of the internet hoax. As well as “dying” after falling off a cliff in 2008 and being “killed in a plumbing accident” in 2010 – the actor’s publicist was forced to make a statement after a spoof interview appeared on line, claiming Tom had said he was the reincarnation of Shakespeare (thanks to his Scientology beliefs), and that he was a poet, composer, medicine man and discoverer in his many previous lives.



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  1. Tom says:

    This was a very interesting article. Yes, we canto trust everything we see on internet. There are so many ways to earn money over the internet by spreading false news and selling them well. People just like some scandalous news and other take advantage of this. So, I always do proofreading of the articles I see on-line with those reading in magazines, newspapers and seen on TV.