Cuba Gooding Jr.: Black men need to wear different faces in America

cuba-gooding-jr-16x9 After George Zimmerman was acquitted of African-American teenager Trayvon Martin’s murder, Cuba Gooding Jr. says that this case reminded him that African-Americans have to wear different faces in different situations.

He said: “The Trayvon Martin thing sparked another reminder that we do need to wear certain faces that represent a mentality indicative of our surrounding. Terrence Howard said if Trayvon had recognized the face he needed to wear at that moment it might have been a different outcome. We may wish it was different but we as African-Americans still deal with this very real situation of many faces that are required.”

Cuba-Jooding-Jr-2--BANG-ShowbizThe actor also added: “There is that very aggressive aspect of my life that I have a specific face… When I’m in a boxing gym with predominantly black and Hispanic aggressive men there’s a different face that I put on. You have to watch what you say because you will be held accountable, so there’s a certain face I wear there. Then there’s a very different face that I wear with my children in these very expensive schools that I have them in. There’s a very specific face I wear as a celebrity. “

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