Daniel Radcliffe doesn’t mind being naked

daniel_radcliffe_679961 Daniel Radcliffe definitely doesn’t have any body image issues and is quite comfortable with nude scenes. Being a professional, he thinks of it as part of his job.

Radcliffe did some gay love scenes in his new movie Kill Your Darlings, but he was more worried about showing a new side to his acting talents.

The actor, who previously stripped in stage play Equus, said: ”I wasn’t nervous about the gay stuff, I was nervous about the film because I wanted to do a great job and show a lot more of what I can do. It’s definitely a lot easier on film than it is on stage. I’m not too fussed about the nudity stuff. If you take the job, you sign up for what you read in the script. You can’t then get to the set and suddenly have a freak out and say, ‘I can’t do this’.”

Kill+your+Darlings-Daniel doesn’t have a problem showing off his body, especially now that he has been working out. ”I’m quite cool with my body, more so as I get older actually. When I did Kill Your Darlings, I was just skin and bone. I’m a lot stronger right now. I did this movie Horns last year and the director asked me to get to the gym. I did and now I’m an obsessive gym-goer.”

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One response to “Daniel Radcliffe doesn’t mind being naked”

  1. Alfrancois says:

    Happy to hear Daniel works out. I believe a real man should look strong, not just skin and bones. But the real man is done not by the look only. I am happy to hear this actor is professional and it not scared of nudity or sexual scenes, especially homosexual ones in his acting career. Yes, he is right; this is the job and what you sign up for. If you cannot do this or that, then you better do not start. I wish this great actor a successful professional development in all the aspects!