Daniel Radcliffe: Parents should be role models, not actors

daniel_radcliffe_679647 Daniel Radcliffe doesn’t think it’s actors’ job to be role models. He hates it when stars are criticized for their behavior and believes that it’s not their responsibility to set good example for kids.

”I always get annoyed when people judge actors over their choices in life, because you just go, ‘You’ve got no right’. And if they say, ‘Oh they should be a role model for my kids’, you go, ‘Why aren’t you? Why can’t you, as a parent, be a role model for your kids? That’s actually your job.’ So I do get annoyed by people slagging people off for not being upstanding enough. Everyone makes mistakes,” he said.


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One response to “Daniel Radcliffe: Parents should be role models, not actors”

  1. Sam says:

    I agree with Daniel, every parent is responsible for their kids. No need to blame the society we live in or the stars from the screen. We all lead our lives, have different tastes and likings. Nobody’s perfect. If you do not want your kid to resemble this or that star, it is you who should work on this to improve the situation, to the famous person, who doesn’t really care. I support Daniel’s point of view!