Demi Lovato threatens Kanye West

Singer Demi Lovato arrives on the red carpet for the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto Good friends have each other’s back and that seems to be the case with Demi Lovato and Kim Kardashian. They have been close pals for years and before the extravagant proposal, Demi warned Kanye West to treat Kim right.

Speaking for E! News, Lovato said: “I’ve told Kanye before that if he doesn’t treat her well, I’m going to come after him.”

Kanye proposed to Kim on her 33rd birthday in the middle of AT&T Stadium in San Francisco while an orchestra played Lana Del Rey‘s “Young and Beautiful” and Demi thinks that her friend deserves nothing less.

“I’ve known Kim for years and she’s been such a good friend to me during some really hard times,” she told the gossip site. “She deserves that Giants stadium! Thanks for telling me-now I can go congratulate her!”

demi-lovato-400x300Back in 2010 Lovato was treated for “emotional and physical issues” and she had huge support from the reality star. “I feel like there are some people that you’re friends with that talk to you on Twitter or you text, but the people that are really there for me are the people that were there for me when I went into treatment. The people that were calling me while I was in there were Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez. Those two girls, they meant the world to me. They still do,” Demi said.

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One response to “Demi Lovato threatens Kanye West”

  1. Laura says:

    I am happy for Demi that she has overcome all hurdles that happened to her recently. I am surprised to know Kim is such a devoted friend. Maybe I will need to change my opinion about her?! I wish her all the best with Kanye West and I agree that his woman deserves what he just did. I believe that true love has no real obstacles as true friendship. This is a good stuff I have learned about Kim Kardashian. Will take this in consideration, thank you!