Denise Richards to give up custody of Charlie Sheen’s ‘violent twins

Denise+Richards TMZ reports that Denise Richards says she can’t care for Charlie Sheen’s ‘violent’ twins anymore, and has revealed disturbing details about the troubled boys.

Richards was granted temporary custody of four-year-old Bob and Max after their mother Brooke Muller was placed into a drug rehab facility in May. However, the actress cannot deal with the boys’ aggression towards her daughters and pet dogs.

Denise wrote a letter to the DSFS informing authorities that she can no longer care for the twins who are constantly bullying her daughters Lola, Sam and Eloise by kicking and punching them. Bob and Max are also said to have attacked Denise’s dogs, with TMZ reporting they ‘repeatedly kick her dogs in the head and squeeze their heads with both hands.

Denise Richards Takes The Family Shopping In MalibuIn the letter, Richards attributes the bad behavior to time spent with Brooke and says the twins suffer terrible nightmares after spending time at her home. She goes on to say that violent outbursts are not limited to the house and claims that Bob has harmed other kids in school and punched and slapped teachers in the face.

Denise states that pediatricians have advised her to seek psychological counseling for the boys, but Brooke has stopped from doing that.

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One response to “Denise Richards to give up custody of Charlie Sheen’s ‘violent twins”

  1. Zuzanna says:

    Denise is suffering with the bad ‘genes’ now I believe. Both Brooke and Charlie had dealt with drugs and are prone to aggressive behavior. What do you think their kids could inherit? Who would have cared of their right education when their parents were to busy with themselves, their career and various rehabs??! Well, maybe, I am wrong, but this is what situation at the moment is. Still, only they among themselves know what is truth and what is better to be said to the journalists.