Diane Kruger: I was terrified of doing a comedy


A Perfect Plan is Diane Kruger’s first romantic comedy and she admits she was ”terrified” of starring in that genre.

This movie is nothing like her previous movies and the actress wasn’t sure how she would do.

She explains: ”I was terrified. And a few people were terrified for me, not knowing how I was going to do. But I felt like, ‘just go for it’.

”I’m not afraid to look like a fool, so I jumped in. I really learned from Dany that it’s quite a skill to be able to do ten takes of something and keep it fresh.”

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3 responses to “Diane Kruger: I was terrified of doing a comedy”

  1. Gina says:

    Well i think Diane Kruger really does have reasons in order to be ashamed and look like a full, because this movie is probably on the top of all the silliest movies i have ever seen in my life! Frankly speaking i always thought much better of Diane Kruger as she is showing right now. I mean the entire scenario sucks, and she looks like a not very much demanded actress who desperately needs a role that is why she agrees performing in every crap she is offered to, well at least this is the only logical explanation to me. After seeing her in a bunch of other movies i think she is supposed to perform in serious movies, with legendary movie directors, as she really is a very talented actress.

  2. Hallie says:

    The first movie in which i saw Diane Kruger was the one in which she played with Nicholas Cage it was about some hidden Tamplier’s treasures and i think that movie was awesome. So my point is that every person should always tend to something bigger and greater than already does, that is the only key to success, that is why my brain just cannot go through the information that she agreed playing the role in the movie ” A perfect plan”, i am sure that when she agreed to play it she was most likely drunk, and after the contract was signed there was not many things that she could have solve afterwards. And all i can do is laugh about it, as i laughed on the moment with lion in the movie, when her “husband” said there is nothing she should be afraid of.

  3. Becky says:

    I can say that though Diane was terrified to perform this role she did a great job, well as usually she does in all of her movies! It was a completely new genre for her, even though her physical appearance is almost pushing her on this kind of roles. For me it was very much different to see her in this ample, but it was not that disgusting as people before me have written, it was pretty nice and simple. Sometimes it is good to take a risk, but this is not the kind of risk Diane Kruger should take in the future, as this road is slippery and one day it can make her losing the popularity and demand on the Hollywood “market”. I think she should think about this movie as a vacation that she granted herself.