Early jobs of today’s stars

Today they are rich and famous and have glamorous lives most people can only dream of, but it wasn’t always like that. As hard as it is to imagine, many stars were once ordinary people with ordinary jobs, far from the glamour of Hollywood. Keep on reading and find out what your favorite celebs did for a living before they became famous.

Harrison Ford








Most aspiring actors never get more than a few bit parts or roles as extras, which is exactly how Harrison Ford’s career started. He started to get tired of those small roles and began work as a professional carpenter instead. He was hired by many Hollywood stars for construction projects, including George Lucas, who eventually rewarded him with the role of Han Solo.

Brad Pitt








Brad Pitt roamed the streets of Hollywood dressed as a giant chicken before hitting the big time! The actor was paid to dress up and hand out flyers for fast food chain El Pollo Loco.

Rachel McAdams








The actress revealed that she worked at a McDonald’s in Canada for three years before breaking big in Hollywood.

Danny DeVito

Q&A: Danny DeVito







Danny DeVito’s original career aspiration is actually quite ironic. Despite his looks, DeVito is actually an experienced hair stylist thanks to the time he worked for his sister’s beauty parlor. The actor worked as “Monsieur Danny” at his sister’s beauty salon!

Jennifer Aniston








Jennifer Aniston tried her hand at waitressing before she scored her breakthrough role on Friends. She also worked as a telemarketer.

Steve Buscemi








Buscemi became a New York firefighter in 1980 and served on a fire engine for four years. He only left the position thanks to his newfound career in acting. He actually returned to help with search and rescue after the September 11 attacks in 2001 and after Hurricane Sandy in 2013.

Whoopi Goldberg

'Sister Act: The Musical' Gala Premiere - Red Carpet







Long before she won an Oscar, Goldberg worked as a makeup artist in a funeral home.

Tom Cruise

Warner Bros. And Legendary Pictures Preview - Comic-Con International 2013







Famed actor and Scientologist Tom Cruise has always been very religious. When he was younger, he applied and was barely accepted into a seminary school with the goal of becoming a Catholic priest. During his time at St. Francis, his talent for acting emerged and he was eventually kicked out for stealing and drinking alcohol.

Jon Hamm








Jon Hamm was a set designer for soft-core adult movie films. “Essentially, I had to move furniture around sweaty, naked people. It wasn’t a great job but the money was useful. I had to get by – I wanted to be an actor.”

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres







The talk-show host and actress had an assortment of odd jobs before becoming a lovable TV personality, but in her biography she revealed that she was an oyster shucker in New Orleans.

Amy Adams








Amy worked as a waitress at Hooters to support herself as she chased her dream. She also worked as a greeter at Gap before she became actress.

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One response to “Early jobs of today’s stars”

  1. Jake says:

    I have always admired people, who made their way to the fame form average people and even very poor. This shows me much how a goal, a dream and willingness and persistence can cardinally change ones life. So, guys, never give up, if you have a dream, chase it! Good things happen to those, whoa re proactive!