Elijah Wood learned piano in three weeks


Elijah Wood had three weeks to learn to play the piano for a movie role.

The actor plays a concert pianist in Grand Piano and he needed to learn how to play the instrument, which was everything but easy.

He said: “It was super intense, and the learning curve was extremely steep… You have to believe this guy can play. That said, it’s extraordinarily daunting… I had a very specific road map of which shots you’d see me, my hands and my face as I played, at the same time. I had a limited portion of each piece of music to learn. I didn’t have to focus on all of it. That made the job easier. But not much.”

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4 responses to “Elijah Wood learned piano in three weeks”

  1. Kate says:

    I was surprised by the name of the article! It is impossible to learn to play piano in such a short time frame, unless you are a f..ing genius. When I read the article itself I realized what the name was about. Well, I believe acting you are a piano virtuoso is difficult, but can be learned in three weeks, especially when you do not have to play the entire masterpiece, and that the camera shows you only form certain angel at certain parts of the movie. Still, I believe it was quite tense and hard work for Elijah Wood, but I am sure this talented and freaking handsome actor has coped with it.

  2. Inna says:

    Wow, only three weeks of studying the piano, that is hella good result, I learned in the music school the stupid piano instrument for five years, and I cannot remember none of it now, people say that once you learn how to play it, you will never forget how to, well all I can say according to my own experience is that people lie, and they do lie a lot, as it is not easy. So I am proud of Elijah Wood for succeeding in it, now I will start thinking of him as a more than a hobbit, which is a good thing probably. Hmm which reminds me, I am wondering did he perform in any other movies besides the hobbit thing? Because in my mind he is same actor as Daniel Radcliffe, it is the actor stuck in one single character performed awhile ago.

  3. Amanda says:

    Well Elijah Wood is really growing not only in my own eyes but in the eyes of the entire public, as learning how to play the piano is one of the most difficult things in the world, so I understand him pretty well when he says it was not easy, I think he is even lying a bit, as in my opinion that was very hard. I don’t know why but I have an impression that the whole piano thing is very difficult; it is same as riding a bike looks very easy but in reality gives you a hard time while learning how to do it.

  4. Lauren says:

    Well done Elijah, I guess being a tall guy is not that important after all, as all is needed is simply learning a few tricks and the world is yours, same as Tom Cruise did, in reality he is very, mmm let’s say “petite” but plays in the world’s greatest action movies, so I guess same thing is awaiting for Elijah, all he has to do is learning more and more skills, in order to be up to each kind of role. I am sure he can do much more than playing a role of a hobbit with the talent he has, and with the charisma.