Elizabeth Olsen nervous about starring in Avengers


Elizabeth Olsen has landed the role of Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Age of Ultron and admits she is nervous about starring in the superhero movie. She stars in the film alongside Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

She told MTV: ”It is intimidating going into a production where everyone has their characters fully fleshed out and they know their weaknesses and they have their comedy. Aaron and I don’t really have the luxury of time to develop those.”

However, the actress is very excited to be part of such project and can’t wait for the full cast to get together for the press shot to promote the movie.

She added: ”I’m so excited for that to happen. I really am having so much fun.”


Elizabeth also said she enjoyed working with director Joss Whedon who helped her with ”all those things that make you feel more confident before you’re like, what up Jeremy, let’s do it. You stay in your tights, I’ll stay in mine, and we’ll defeat… things.

”I am unique in this world, and so it’s fun to do what I get to do, because it is different. And I think it also is fun for Joss because we’re developing and creating something together, and he’s getting really excited by it.”

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One response to “Elizabeth Olsen nervous about starring in Avengers”

  1. Rebecca says:

    Dear, there is not need to be nervous with your great appearance, magic charms and such a great acting skills. Everything new can be scary and terrifying, but once you try, you understand there was no sense of being nervous. It is exciting to work with other talented and famous people, but they are just people, after all.