Ellen DeGeneres will twerk at Oscars

ellen Ellen DeGeneres, who is hosting the 86th Academy Awards, has promised the viewers lots of fun. One thing we will see for sure is the infamous twerking and Ellen, who also hosted 2007 Oscars, even got a foam finger so she can do the whole Miley Cyrus performance.

She told Access Hollywood: ”There will be twerking… I mean, I have a foam finger all picked out. It’s gonna be classy… I’m gonna be so drunk, no memories. I’m not gonna remember a thing and that’s my goal. I hope I remember nothing.

“The first time I did it sober and I thought, ‘That’s easy!’ So this time I plan on drinking nonstop, and I’m live Tweeting which I couldn’t do seven years ago. So I’ll be Tweeting throughout the entire show, plus taking pictures of people in compromising positions.”

Ellen-DeGeneresDeGeneres won’t spare anyone this year and she says she’ll make fun of the nominees too.

”They [the nominees] should be filled with fear! … I’ll be in the audience a lot and I will be playing with people in the audience a lot. Sometimes they’ll know it and sometimes they won’t. Nobody’s gonna get hurt, but there’s fun to be had,” she added.

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One response to “Ellen DeGeneres will twerk at Oscars”

  1. Dilan says:

    With Ellen DeGeneres Oscar is promising to be much fun and entertainment. I have no doubts that the viewers will see everything the host actress promised them. I am glad to hear anyone would be hurt. This is very important to have fun, but leave none’s feelings hurt.