Emma Watson broke up with boyfriend

emma-watson-gq-men-of-the-year_3847344 It’s official: Emma Watson is single again. She and her long-time boyfriend William Adamowicz broke up during the summer and it has been confirmed by her rep.

The spokesman told the Sunday Mirror: ”Emma and Will separated last summer and are no longer in touch.”

The couple met when they were both students at Oxford University in the UK and were last seen together in November at an acoustic folk rock concert, but their romance is said to have been over months earlier. Reportedly, the main culprit for the end of the romance is Emma’s busy schedule since she has been juggling her acting career and education.


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3 responses to “Emma Watson broke up with boyfriend”

  1. James says:

    Not a big deal – Emma is beautiful and young and has her whole life in front of her! I am sure she made the right priorities in life at this very moment and I am happy she enjoys he education and professional development as well as acting success. Just looked at the lady she has turned into! A great catch! I am sure she won’t miss her true love when the time comes!

  2. Cameron says:

    Awe, I feel so sorry for those guys Emma and William, they looked so cute together on each picture where I was seeing them, they were holding each other’s hands and they were doing it in such a tender and loving manner that was always giving a smile on my face. It is sad that they are not together anymore; I do not understand what is wrong now with people, before they were trying to fix everything that was broken, while now it is easier to throw everything away in order to give it a chance and keep working upon it.

  3. Dana says:

    I think it is all a huge mistake, and soon they will get back together again, as they were together for so many years and this is not something that can be thrown away that easily, that is real love. Maybe Emma will try a new relationship, or William will try, but eventually they will finish by getting back together as they will realize that they will never be that happy with anyone else as they were with each other. Maybe I am acting like a romantic fool but I do believe in that.