Eric Bana: There are not many good roles in Hollywood

eric-bana_5634018 Even though he started his career as a stand-up comedian in his native Australia, Eric Bana has avoided comedies as he wants to do more serious pieces.

Speaking to Red Bulletin magazine, he said: ”Early on I avoided comedy deliberately. It wasn’t hard, because no one in Hollywood knew about my stand-up background. I’d be open to it if the right role came along, but I tend to get more serious stuff.”

The 45-year-old actor carefully chooses his projects, and only wants to make films he is passionate about, but he thinks there haven’t been many good roles in Hollywood lately.

”I could do more movies, but if I did I’d be doing movies I don’t really like that much,” he says.

eric-bana-2012-tribeca-film-festival-deadfall_3842047”The reality is it’s really hard to find a good movie. How many good movies are there every year? Not many. And you need to be very lucky to be in one of them. If you can be in one half-decent movie every five years you’re doing well.”

”Over the last five years it’s been getting harder for everyone because everything is going bigger – bigger concepts, bigger budgets, bigger movies – and the more intelligent, interesting movies have been harder to get off the ground,” Bana added.

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5 responses to “Eric Bana: There are not many good roles in Hollywood”

  1. Mitch says:

    I agree with Eric Bana. I believe Hollywood is in decay these days. The latest movie scenarios us are dull, gloomy and so much alike, there is always something like that in the cinematography already. Well, where the creative potential? Where are the really good roles for the many talented actors and actresses Hollywood has at the moment? Why not taking old novels and make the great modern adaptations? Why only sex and stupid jokes sell well these days?

  2. Mat says:

    Indeed, not many interesting roles Hollywood can offer these days all the movies are sort of relating the old movies or other moves we have seen. Or these are new shallow stupid comedy with the humor below waist line that make the young generation only decay and grow morally perverts.

  3. Sam says:

    I totally agree with Eric Bana, the movies that are being released for the past few years mostly s**k, I understand that probably it is not very nice to talk like that, but it really is the truth, when I go to the cinema for the release of some new movie, I have so much expectations, and the bad thing is that the higher my expectations are, the worse the movie is. What have happened with the world’s greatest producers who created such movies as “Titanic” or “Gladiator” for example, where did this kind of movie quality disappear? And the same actually did happened with the music also, though I am just twenty seven years old person, and I consider myself as a up to the new fashion tendencies person, I can say for sure that prefer listening to the music that is like ten –fifteen years old, to the one that is up to date. I just wish there were more movies like the ones I have listed. I guess the only movie that really made me think and kept me sad for the past year was “Gatsby”, I don’t know due to whom, to the producer or Leonardo di Caprio, but the movie really is amazing.

  4. Catherine says:

    Awe I love Eric Bana, he is so sexy and brutal, and looks like a huge cupcake to me, I think I would love if to have him just for me. There are not many actors in Hollywood who have his charisma; actually there is one similar to him who came to my mind right after I started thinking whether there is someone alike. It is Russell Crowe, I am wondering maybe it is because they both are from Australia; hmm in this case maybe I should book a trip to Australia for my next holiday? Awe I am just kidding and besides, my husband would never allow me to do that. I totally loved Eric in the movie where he was a time traveler, I have seen it for a few times and still every time I watch it I cry. I agree with him, that scenario was a great one; I wish there were more movies of that kind, kind that touches the soul and makes thinking about the movie for the next few days in the row.

  5. Tiffy says:

    Eric Bana has touched an important subject in that interview; I have the same opinion about the cinema industry lately. I guess everyone there got so stick to “star” disease, or drugs, or alcohol, or all the mentioned above, that it is difficult for them to produce something good. It is much more common now to read about some star going to rehab, than reading about the release of new movie, or at least about a plan to make a new movie. I find it awful, because we want it or not, but all the new generations grow up on watching movies, and how can they possibly grow good and decent if all they see in movies, is drugs, guns and stealing? What did happen with the good old movies that were about love, friendship or simply teaching some good things? Why there are not more actors like Eric, who see the problem and underline it? And not to forget I would never even think that Eric is good in comedy genre, he always seems to be so reserved and serious; I guess he really is a great actor if he is able to play all of those qualities without any kind of preparing.