Ethan Hawke: John Leguizamo deserves a bigger career

ethan-hawke In an interview with HuffPost Voces, Ethan Hawke spoke about his perception of Hollywood today and said some pretty interesting things. The actor said that there should be more Latinos in Hollywood and that John Leguizamo is worthy of a more successful career.

He said: “John Leguizamo, if the world were a fair place he would have a bigger career than Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. He’s funny, he’s great looking, he’s smart. There should be more Latino participation in Hollywood.”

In his new movie Getaway, Ethan co-star is Selena Gomez and he says that Hollywood has changed compared to when he was a young actor.

ethan“It’s interesting how kids her age know very well who they are and who they want to be, who is important to them. It’s an exciting age and a bit scary too. You know? I don’t really envy Selena. She of course works very hard, but it’s a complicated world she lives in, to be under the spotlight for so long. Things have changed a lot and anything that someone does now can reach unimaginable proportions. It’s very difficult for them to keep a balanced life, but she’s doing a great job,” he said.

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