Eva Longoria found a man who ”satisfies her in every way”

eva-longoria-the-4th-annual-global-gift_3961264 It looks like Eva Longoria has finally found the right guy.

After her divorce from Tony Parker, she started dating a string of younger men, but that stopped when she met a 45-year-old businessman, Jose Antonio Baston.

A source told RadarOnline.com: ”She had an obsession with younger men. Part of her toy boy era was motivated out of revenge on Tony, but also because she went through a sexual awakening after divorcing him and made it a rule to only date men who ‘can deliver a satisfying sexual experience’ for herself.”

The friend added Eva is ”well and over” the boy toy phase now she has met Jose, who is president of Televisa, Latin America’s largest media company.

”Eva had a lot of fun over the past few years, but Jose’s really changed all that. He ticks every box and more; he has a huge libido but he’s also got brains and personality,” the insider said.

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5 responses to “Eva Longoria found a man who ”satisfies her in every way””

  1. Tyler says:

    Well, once again the old proverb is right – things come to those, who wait! Finally Eve Longria has found a man, who would satisfy her on all the requirements. The toy boys times are gone and Eva is enjoying the serious relationship with a man, who has god everything! What can I do, only bit my elbows with jealousy. I just hoe that the sexual satisfaction and passion will lat in this couple, unlike Eva’s first marriage

  2. Nina says:

    Eva is very happy and you can clearly see this in her eyes on her recent pictures. I am sure she has met the ne for her. Nothing makes a woman look that great as true love. I am glad she has found a man to meet all of her requirements. This is such a rare case!

  3. Lara says:

    Mmm good choice Eva Longoria, Jose Antonio Baston is one of those few real men left on the Earth, at least he looks very much as one of them, brutal face and hopefully strong character. He doesn’t look as Tony Parker at all, Tony always had that spoilt look on his face while they were together, that was clearly stating he doesn’t love Eva Longoria, but is using her in order to become more famous, as at the times they started their relationship he was not such a huge star as he became due to Eva’s work upon this subject. I just wish he never made her suffer that much as he did. It is not very clear to me, why do people cheat on each other? Isn’t it obvious that by cheating the person they have by their side they are being not respectful towards themselves in the first place, as it means not respecting their own choice? Isn’t it better to simply say the whole truth and become a free person before starting some other relationship? I guess this way is much easier and of course it is better for the conscience, which is all suffering from that.

  4. Chickita says:

    It is obviously clear to me that Eva Longoria has suffered a lot, and that is why she kept switching the young men in her life. All because she felt lonely and betrayed by her husband, who no matter how much she is suffering doesn’t really care and lives with his new girlfriend. I just realized that Eva’s personal life is very close to the personal life of the main character she has ever performed during her acting carrier- to Gabrielle Solis’s. They both were married, they’re both husbands cheated on them, they both were dating some young man just for fun, and they both have found a very strong and powerful man in order to get married to, but hopefully Eva Longoria will not end up as her character, as returning to the betrayer Tony Parker would be not a very good thing to do. He doesn’t deserve such woman as Eva, he made her suffer so much that she was even crying while being on some TV show, as she simply couldn’t hide her feelings and keep smiling, as this is exactly what actresses are supposed to do, to smile and think show that they are perfect, even if it is not quite true.

  5. Amy says:

    I am glad for Eva Longoria, she has found the happiness that she was looking for such a long period of time. She earned her right to be happy, and it was about time, as she was single after her husband has betrayed her, for too long period of time. And I can perfectly understand her, having multiple affairs with young men do not mean anything, as she never felt anything for none of them, and was clearly stating that all she wants was physical satisfaction and that’s it. When a woman is acting this way it means that she was wounded so hard and suffers so much that it is difficult for her to allow anyone to her personal life and even to stay near her, not to mention becoming a part of life. I really do hope that this Jose will not break her fragile heart again.