Gabrielle Union: My fiance ‘Kanye-d’ himself planning the wedding


Unlike most women, Gabrielle Union isn’t very interested in planning her own wedding. Instead, she has left everything to her fiancé, Dwyane Wade, who doesn’t mind doing all the work.

Speaking to People magazine, the actress said: “I am the girl that would just rather be at a sports bar with a cold beer… We are pretty deep (into the wedding planning), and by ‘we,’ I mean he and the wedding planner. Once he realized I was trying to turn it into a frat party with beer pong he would take over. He really ‘Kanye-d’ himself and really doubled down – I’m really just along for the ride!”

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3 responses to “Gabrielle Union: My fiance ‘Kanye-d’ himself planning the wedding”

  1. Katherine says:

    I think Gabrielle Union is one of the most amazing actresses of our times, the first time I saw her in a movie was in “Think like man but act like a woman” in which she played one of the main characters. I can say that later I saw her in a few other movies, and in all of them the character of the hero she was performing was pretty much the same one, which has lead me to the logical conclusion that it is more than probably that in her real life she is pretty much same person, and I do love that thing about her, I love kind and open minded people who can bring something good into the world of today, especially considering the fact that she really can do it, because she is an actress and has a whole bunch of people who are following her!

  2. Hallie says:

    Hmm, I do understand that there are a bunch of women who have more of a man character, than of a character of woman, that is why I do understand Gabrielle Union, and at the same time I disagree with her behavior, because in the moment when she refused taking care of her own wedding she put her man in charge for it, and that is not nice, as it is not quite the matter that a guy is supposed to take care of, usually men consider other men who do the female job as gay ones. So my point is, that with this kind of behavior she made her own man look like a fagot, so I think it is not too late for her to start doing her job and forget about the things that only she is interested in, it is time for Gabrielle to start thinking of the things that are important for them!

  3. Julia says:

    I think it is so cute when a man loves his woman so much that he doesn’t really pay attention to what people would say to him, and does everything he can in order to make her happy, what can be possibly better than that?! I guess this is the real meaning of love, it is when two people mean the world for each other. And I wouldn’t say that he acts like Kanye West, as Kanye was simply making all of Kim’s wishes and dreams true regarding their wedding, but he surely wasn’t the one who was creating those crazy ideas about the wedding. I think Gabrielle is a very lucky woman to have such a man by her side, and hopefully their love and marriage will last till the rest of their lives!