George Clooney: I want happiness in my life

1389278269000-George-Clooney Speaking for Britain’s Hello! Magazine, George Clooney said he looking to find ”happiness, peacefulness and joy” in his life.

Commenting on Tina Fey’s jokes at this year’s Golden Globes, when she mocked him for dating younger women, he said: ”Yes I did hear and I heard everybody laughing very hard too. All I will say is we get wiser as we get older. And that what I am looking for in life is the same as I always have; happiness, peacefulness and joy. And that’s all I’m going to say about that because otherwise I’d get into trouble.”

His latest movie, The Monuments Men, tells a story about a group whose mission is to try and save pieces of art and other items of cultural importance before their destruction by Adolf Hitler.

George+Clooney+hcKLcshdR6amAsked about his personal preferences in art, Clooney said: ”I do have paintings on my wall which I love and are incredibly important to me, but for personal reasons not because they’re expensive. I have a picture of a rainy Paris street scene which I bought when I was 33 and on my first trip to Paris. I got past it when I go upstairs every night and it reminds me of that trip and makes me happy.”

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5 responses to “George Clooney: I want happiness in my life”

  1. Andrea says:

    We all want to be happy. Everything we want to achieve, purchase and create we do to make ourselves happy. This is natural human desire just to be happy. I can tell that happy people are not those, who have everything, but those, who do not need anything else. I hope that George Clooney finds everything he needs to complete his happiness. I am glad to hear he became wiser with age.

  2. Tim says:

    Choosing happiness is the right way to do the things. We all get wiser in life and realize money cannot buy happiness. One should only know for themselves what happiness lies for them in and move towards it. It is as simple as it is. Happiness is not the goal, it is the way!

  3. Gina says:

    I love George Clooney, but there is certainly a huge problem in his head because he says he wants to be happy, but he does nothing in order to make it come true. I guess the first step towards happiness is supposed to be the step when he thinks carefully and realizes what does he really want from this life, what is making him really happy, whether it is a special woman by his side, or his carrier, or maybe anything else. And as soon as he will realize that things are making him ultimately happy he will understand what he has to do in order to make it happen, everything is much easier in this life when we try to imagine, but people are so stubborn that it is easier for them to let go of their dream to be happy, than doing something that they do not consider as something appropriate. Maybe it is all about pride, I haven’t figured out yet, but I am certainly sure of the fact that it is the time to start thinking, as Clooney is not getting younger, and one day he will really regret the thing that he never became a dad.

  4. Dana says:

    I am wondering what kind of childhood George Clooney had. Was it that bad that he doesn’t even want to have a family of his own? I grew up in a huge family, beside me there are also two elder brothers and five sisters, I am a child in the middle, and every single day I am thankful to God and to my parents for our big and friendly family. Yes we have been through many hard times, but I cannot imagine my life without at least one of my siblings. So how come, George Clooney doesn’t want to have children of his own, this is the thing that just doesn’t give me any rest. His children would have been so beautiful and talented, and he had so many chances to create them, as he used to date a variety of good women who would took care of him and never leave him in any type of situation, whether good or bad times but always together, that is why it is a bit difficult to understand him as a personality.

  5. Nadya says:

    There is definitely something messed up with George Clooney, he is such a beautiful man, and there are crowds of women after him, but he is so picky that is not giving them any kind of chance that is kind of weird. I guess there was a time in his life when he was left heartbroken by the woman he trusted, and that has completely changed his life for good, as he stop trusting women, and it is a fact that when you do not trust anyone you are not allowing those people even close to your heart and soul. And it is a pity, because of course he dated mostly Hollywood’s cougars, but there were a few of good women in his life as well, who were really worthy trying to create a family with. I am sure deep down in his soul he is ready for it, he is ready to have a family of his own for a long time, but thinks that he haven’t met the right woman yet. All of this philosophy of course is good, but only not in the case if he is the first person who has to suffer from it. Or maybe I am wrong (which usually never happens as I have a very good intuition and sense of the situation) he is just that type of person who doesn’t need anyone by his side in order to feel himself ultimately happy. This kind of people also exists, though I never met a lot of them before. Well everything that happens, happens for a reason, so hopefully that picture from Paris will keep him warm in the long and lonely nights at home.