Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s split not so amicable?


Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin announced their split last month, and while it seemed that things are good between them, their relationship may be worse than we think.

According to Grazia magazine, all the reports suggesting that Gwyneth and Chris parted on good terms are false and Gwyneth is not going on tour with Coldplay, as it was said previously.

In an interview with Grazia, an ex-boyfriend of Paltrow said: ”The rosy picture in the Bahamas does not necessarily map to reality. She has confided to friends that all is not well with post-split relations with Chris, and there is no truth that she’s going on tour with him.”

The former couple, who have two kids together, obviously need to deal with some issues.

Gwyneth’s ex-boyfriend also added: ”They’re putting on a united front, but beneath the surface the many tensions that ended their marriage are still very much there. It’s very sad.”

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8 responses to “Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s split not so amicable?”

  1. Corniella says:

    I’m sure it’s quite a relief for him to finally be done with that pompous twit. How he put up with her and her infidelity for so long is beyond me. She was not only disrespectful with her actions but she also devalued the marriage in the media. She seems so wrapped up in her own ego that she’s incapable of having a lasting relationship. At least the kids have one normal, level headed parent. Who knows, now that she’s a single divorcee maybe she’ll rekindle her BFF relationship with Madonna. Cuz you know, two middle aged ladies on prowl now…

  2. Klaus says:

    I always felt bad for him… She seems like the worlds biggest snob. “My life is so much harder than a working mom”……. I’ll never forget she said that…. Ughh her face annoys me.

  3. Robert says:

    They’re worried about “serious PR damage”? That’s laughable! Gwyneth Paltrow was voted Star Magazine’s “most hated celebrity” in 2013. I think it’s a little too late for worrying. People already love to hate her and don’t blame Chris for wanting out.

  4. Pablo says:

    Why did these two even get married, only to become another Hollywood spouse swap and years of therapy for their kids. Stay Single and spare everyone the grief. Marriages in Tinseltown don’t shine period.

  5. Sam says:

    Oh puhleeeese! Gwyneth is one of the most pompous females on the planet . She chewed Chris’ balls off long ago. He’ll probably do anything she says just to make his time with her as brief as possible. What I don’t get is there are men willing to have affairs with her. She’s all yours now guys!

  6. Lara says:

    Well Gwyneth Paltrow has always been a real bi**h so what else can be expected from her. Of course nothing and I am really shocked that the society or theirs friends are surprised or shocked. I have always been this way, she is a rich girl who used to play with people and their feelings from the very first beginning, I feel very sorry for all the men in her life whom she left heartbroken, but this is life, and everything that doesn’t kill, only makes stronger. And strength is the feeling that Chris desperately needs right now, as no matter what he is showing in public, I am pretty sure that he is devastated and very much stressed right now. I am sure he was the only person in this marriage who kept trying to save it.

  7. Bobby says:

    Hmm, it seems that all the good things eventually come to a logic end, and I can perfectly understand that. I am sure it is a great sadness for both of them, despite the fact that there was one person responsible for the breakup. No matter who was the one started this process, and first said the words “we need to split”, the pain they feel is a equal one, as for both of them it means finish of an era, era where they were happy, where they were a family, and there were a lot of good moments waiting for them in the future. It is always sad to let go of something important and it is even harder to let go of something that meant everything for you.

  8. Angela says:

    Gwyneth once again has made her famous trick of dumping a man who used to mean everything to her, like her never was even a close person to her. I was always surprised with her ability to act like this. It is not a normal behavior, but it was an expected one. She never knew the “no” word in her childhood, so eventually she grew up knowing pretty well, that she can say it to anyone as much as she wants to without being punished, as this is something that powerful people from rich families usually do. Well I really do hope that the phrase “what goes around comes back around” is suitable for her also, otherwise I feel very sorry for men in her life who suffered for nothing.