Hailee Steinfeld had to leave school because of bullies

4F875714D7CAAA156CB45F627309 Oscar-nominated actress Hailee Steinfeld told Glamour magazine that she was forced to leave school because she was being bullied. The 16-year-old actress left school in 2008 after being subjected to abuse by her classmates. ”Bullying is something I went through, from third to sixth grade, when I got pulled out of school. I still go through it,” she said.

Hailee is dedicated to helping others and she is currently working with The Trevor Project to mentor LGBT teenagers who are thinking about suicide. She said: ”If I can be the person who says, ‘Trust me when I tell you it will be OK,’ then I will be that person. Often bullies are taking something personal out on others. If they use that energy to make someone smile, we can save so many people in the long run.”

Hailee+Steinfeld+7f78MJlBjU0mAlthough this young star’s acting career is on the rise, she admits that sometimes she really misses her home and family. She explained: ”I’m away from home for six weeks at a time, sometimes more, and it’s tough when I miss my dad. But he always says to me, ‘Are you having a good time?’ And I really am. That’s why I’m here.”

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