Halle Berry: Nahla Thinks I’m a Princess

halle-berry Halle Berry’s daughter is not aware that her mother is a world-famous actress. Instead, Nahla believes that her mom is a princess and she wears pretty dresses for that reason. Halle said: “Nahla thinks that I just like to wear pretty dresses to work, like a princess! When we’re out and people greet me, she always asks, ‘Do we know them?’”

The actress added: “Nahla lets me connect with my own childhood. I suddenly see myself doing silly, childish things – I wear whatever I like, play and we have fun. It’s like being a little girl again.”

hallenahla-4_3_r541_c540Halle claims that she is very happy that she made the decision to postpone having children. She said: “It was great for me. I’m really happy that I put off having a child until then. At 30, I wasn’t ready – I was just figuring out what sort of woman I was. In those days, my career was the most important thing in the world to me. Thanks to having postponed a family, I don’t feel like I have anything outstanding to achieve. That’s why I can focus 100 per cent on my family now. I’m very present in my daughter’s life.”

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