Halle Berry won’t take career break after giving birth

halle-berry-pregnant-daughter-errands-la-052413-6-600x450 Pregnant Halle Berry is already making plans to return to acting as soon as possible after she gives birth to her second child – the first one with her husband Olivier Martinez.

The 46-year-old star has made it clear that she doesn’t want to make a career break when the new baby comes. She said: ”After giving birth I will go back to work as soon as possible. When I got Nahla I took time off for almost four years. But now that job-wise everything is going so well, I definitely want to keep on working. That’s why this little baby will travel a lot with me!”

Actress Halle Berry and Olivier MartinezHalle recently tied the knot with Olivier and this is her third marriage. She was initially married to baseball player David Justice but they split after three years. After that she married Eric Benét, who is the father of her first child Nahla. This marriage ended in 2003. In 2010 Halle met Martinez while they were filming Dark Tide in South Africa and she believes he is the one. She said: ”I didn’t suspect it myself! But I never ruled it out either. I always wanted to find the right partner for me, the one man, the right one. That was my mission in life.”

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