Halle Berry’s Fiance Olivier Martinez Assaults Photographer

spl519602_010 Halle Berry’s boyfriend Olivier Martinez assaulted a photographer at LAX Airport on April 1. The actress, her daughter Nahla and Martinez went to Hawaii for an Easter break but when they returned things got ugly.

The three of them were going out of the terminal when photographers swarmed them. Olivier was carrying Nahla in his arms and Berry was shouting at the paparazzi: “Get away, there’s a child!” Martinez kicked one of the photographers in the leg. The photographer kept following them and asked Martinez why he kicked him, which enraged the actor even more so he kicked the paparazzo again. Finally, Halle managed to get her fiance in the car and they left.rs_293x473-130402045847-634.oliviermartinez.halle.jc

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