Harrison Ford refused entry to London pub


A bouncer at a London pub failed to recognize Harrison Ford on Saturday night and didn’t let him in because the place was too crowded.

The actor is in the UK right now, filming Star Wars: Episode VII, and he wanted to have a drink with a friend but was refused entry to The Punchbowl.

A source told The Daily Star: ”Harrison came to the pub about 10.30pm on Saturday for a drink with his friend. He looked quite chilled. The bouncer told him outright that there were too many people in there and he wasn’t getting in.


”Harrison looked really quite ann­oyed, but he didn’t kick up a fuss and went on to the next pub with his friend. It wasn’t until he’d left that the bouncers knew who he was.”

But when the fans realized Ford had been turned away, they left the pub and followed him.

The source added: ”Eight pensioners left the pub to follow Harrison down the road. They said they wanted to drink with him and if he couldn’t get in, they didn’t want to stay. The whole thing was so embarrassing for the pub.”

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3 responses to “Harrison Ford refused entry to London pub”

  1. Jill says:

    I can only imagine how embarrassing the whole situation was for the pub, honestly speaking I work almost in the same industry, I work as a general manager of a hotel, and in my hotel I have a few bars and restaurant as well, I can only imagine how pissed I would be at my worker if he wouldn’t let in Harrison Ford, I would even say that it would mean an immediate firing of that person. Some things are just normal and they should be taken as a must, and not at all, like “additional” not needed information. I think I would understood if there would be a sitcom star, or some actor from a brand new movie, which eventually not everyone has seen/ so knows, but not knowing Harrison Ford is a real sin!

  2. Lynette says:

    I think after the mentioning of the name of the pub which didn’t let in such person as Harrison Ford, that place will certainly collapse and come to failure, or, it will become an additional advertising for it, as curious people will enter it in order to see the place that kicked off Harrison Ford. Gosh, usually the owners of bars, pubs or clubs, are paying big money to the stars so they would enter their place, and made them a sort of advertising with this appearance, but I have never heard about kicking off the star which came to the place on a volunteer basis. Right now I am laughing at the top of my voice for those stupid people.

  3. Christy says:

    It is a great shame not knowing who is Harrison Ford, I just turned twenty eight years old and I can certainly say that I grew up watching movies where he was performing the main role, so I cannot understand how anyone can not recognize him, after all he is a man so doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, and during all those years he didn’t change a lot. I refuse believing the fact that there is at least one person in the world who hasn’t seen him in the movie “Indiana Jones”, where he was the main character in a few movies. I can only imagine how unpleasant this whole situation was for him, but I am glad there were normal people who followed him!