Hayden Panettiere joins Ukraine protests

hayden-ukraine The protesters in Ukraine got a new ally in Hayden Panettiere. The actress has taken up with Ukrainian opposition activists and addressed the demonstrators in Kiev, showing her support for citizens who are trying to persuade the President Viktor Yanukovych to sign a treaty with the European Union.

Hayden’s fiancé Wladimir Klitschko is the brother of the opposition leader, Vitali Klitschko. Vitali, who was a professional boxer and champion, just like his brother, is leading the people of Ukraine in the protest against the country’s Russian-leaning government. The demonstrators are demanding closer ties to the West and the European Union.

hayden-panettiere-jony-and-marcs-red-auction_3968574Hayden greeted the crowd by saying, “Good evening, friends,” in the native tongue and then continued to address them in English while Wladimir translated.

She said, “The beauty of this country is breathtaking: the landscape, the beautiful churches. But nothing compares to the undeniably deep souls of the Ukrainian people. There’s a movement happening here, and you have a chance to make things right, to make things just. You have a right to a democracy. As an American I want you to know that I stand by you, I support your fight, and I will support it until the country of Ukraine in its entirety reflects the beauty, the true beauty of Ukrainian people. Keep fighting. I love you all.”

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One response to “Hayden Panettiere joins Ukraine protests”

  1. Tim says:

    I am happy to hear that Hayden admires Ukraine so much and especially Slavic people. Indeed they have a great soul and traditions. I am married to the woman from Ukraine, so I know this not by words, but deeds. I support Ukraine being not pro-Russian, but pro-European. I am happy that Hayden and her fiancé Wladimir Klitschko support the demonstration.