Heather Graham talks about love issues

image2_1367071274 The Hangover star Heather Graham opened up about how catholic school affected her love life. The actress admits that all the religious teaching really frightened her. “When you grow up Catholic and you’re told that you’re going to go to hell for having pre-marital love, then how do you go on and have a normal love life after that?” she said.

In a new movie screenplay Heather reveals what kind of things she had to do to overcome her issues about love. She said: “One thing that’s in my script is that I went to some funny different kinds of female-empowerment classes… I went to one where they do little exercises like, ‘Let’s honor your breasts’. So you talk to another woman and you go, ‘I honor your beautiful breasts. They honor me and they honor you.'”

9c99834a32e0b1f4743f16506d5a66e3The actress also revealed that she read all kinds of books and one particular that is teaching women how ho have a better orgasm.  “There was this book that we read, it was called, Extended Massive Orgasm, and it basically teaches women how to have an orgasm for, like, an hour… It’s about relaxing,” she said.

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