Heather Graham: Women Struggle in Hollywood

heather_graham_617160 The Hangover actress Heather Graham thinks that Hollywood is very tough on women. She believes that actresses struggle more than their male colleagues and she is shocked by the number of females in the business when compared to males.

The 43-year-old actress said: ”I think it’s the same struggle for women to get interesting parts in movies as it used to be. In any given movie, 75 per cent of the roles are for men. It’s a sexist system. There are only seven per cent of all film directors who are women. It’s quite shocking.”Heather-Graham

Speaking of movie business, Heather also revealed that despite having no problem to take her clothes off for a film role she is actually shy in real life. Shooting nude scenes is just her being a professional but it doesn’t reveal her real character, according to the actress. She said: ”I’m actually kind of shy and probably wouldn’t opt to do that, but I guess when I play another character, it’s not me. In real life I’m pretty shy – even if I go to beaches where women are topless, I always leave my top on. So I’m not that wild! I have a very open personality, but I’m not like a crazy exhibitionist or anything.”

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