Heather Graham’s parents claim Hollywood ruined their family

145753518041954--525x415 It’s no secret that Heather Graham had feud with her parents which destroyed their relationship. Heather has always been open about it and she says that the problem is that her parents can’t forgive her for her role as a adult movie star in Boogie Nights (1997) because of their Catholic beliefs.

Now Joan and Jim Graham have finally decided to share their side of the story, saying that many lies have been told about them.

Heather-GrahamJim Graham told The Sun: “Joan and I have endured many sleepless nights questioning how and why it all went wrong. To this day, we honestly don’t know… Every time we read these supposed reasons for why we are not part of Heather’s life, it gets more and more frustrating as they are simply not true. The Hollywood scene is so treacherous – it has ruined our family. We were proud of the part she played (in Boogie Nights), as we are with all of her films. Time and time again we read in anything written about Heather that she was brought up in this ‘strict Catholic home’ and that’s just wrong.”

Joan said: “I can’t believe Heather is 43 now and we have had no place in her life for a long time. It is desperately sad.”

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