Highest paid TV actors

Drama series, sitcoms and various other types of TV shows are more and more popular these days. Serious money is involved in this industry and big investors are giving huge sums of money in order to attract the best actors who will in turn attract greater audience. Hence some TV stars earn a lot of money and here we give you the highest paid TV actors in 2013.

Jason Segel, $8 million








Fans of the hit comedy show ‘How I Met Your Mother’ might know Jason Segel as Marshall, the goofy but lovable friend of the main character. With earnings of $8 million per year, Segel certainly draws a nice salary from this gig but that’s not his sole source of income. His film career was getting rather busy. That is the source of the rest of his earnings: he starred in, wrote and produced the successful movies ‘The Muppets’ and ‘The Five-Year Engagement’.

Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons, $8 million








Thanks to ‘The Big Bang Theory’ which is one of the most successful shows on television, the two stars made $300,000 per episode for season 6. In 2012 the actors made $6 million each and in 2013 their earnings jumped to $8 million a year.

Patrick Dempsey, $12 million








After nine seasons, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ still attracts an average 10 million viewers per episode. Best known as Dr. Derek Shepherd aka McDreamy on the hit medical drama, Patrick Dempsey can command a healthy salary: around $350,000 per episode.

Jon Cryer, $13 million








Cryer doesn’t earn as much as his ‘Two and Half Men’ co-star Ashton Kutcher, but he still takes home a nice payday. He earns around $600,000 an episode and he also gets plenty of award attention.

Tim Allen, $14 million








Tim Allen makes regular appearances on Forbes’ list – since 2011 he can add the earnings from his new sitcom ‘Last Man Standing’ to his balance. It is not clear how much Allen makes from this gig, but he is also the show’s producer, so it should pay well. Allen still draws money from the ‘Toy Story’ franchise, having done several shorts as the voice of Buzz Lightyear, and he continues to cash in royalty cheques from the hit 90s sitcom series ‘Home Improvement’.

Mark Harmon, $15 million

Mark Harmon







It might not be sexy or hip, but after ten years on CBS, NCIS is still one of the highest-rated shows on television, drawing an average 19.7 million viewers per episode. That’s helped Harmon become one of TV’s highest-paid actors. Harmon is perfectly happy working in TV. He hasn’t starred in a major movie since NCIS launched and with $500,000 per episode who can blame him. On top of that, he gets paid when reruns of the show air.

Alec Baldwin, $15 million








Baldwin continues to shine as slick TV exec Jack Donaghy on NBC’s comedy hit ‘30 Rock’, now in its final season. The veteran actor makes just as many headlines off the screen, though: this year, he married a yoga instructor more than 25 years younger than him. The outspoken Democrat also briefly toyed with the idea of running for mayor of New York City. In the past few years, he’s had something of a big-screen resurgence, with five films in various stages of production. The Long Island-born star is the record-holder for most appearances as host of Saturday Night Live.

Ray Romano, $18 million








The popular stand-up comedian had a great run on television, then shifted into the lucrative world of animated movies. With ratings struggling for ‘Men of a Certain Age’, TNT closed down the set earlier this year. While he hasn’t found success with his newer shows, the New York City-born actor and comedian is still making plenty off his old work, with syndication of classic ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ making up the bulk of Romano’s fortune. He also takes home a hefty paycheck for voicing the lovable wooly mammoth Manny in the animated movie series ‘Ice Age’.

Hugh Laurie, $18 million








Though he poked at a few movie efforts, Hugh Laurie’s mainstay for the past few years has been ‘House M.D.’, which is said to earn him around $700,000 an episode. Though the show has ended in 2012, Laurie continues to earn on rerun royalties. According to Forbes, his new Blues album did not do that badly, either.

Ashton Kutcher, $24 million








Kutcher took over for Charlie Sheen on ‘Two and a Half Men’ and quickly became one of the highest-paid men on television. But Kutcher was a bit cheaper than Sheen, taking in around $700,000 per episode as opposed to Charlie’s $1.25 million. He also draws royalties from ‘That 70s Show’ reruns and is a fairly busy television producer. In addition to acting, Kutcher is an active Silicon Valley investor. He got in early on Skype, Spotify and Airbnb.


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