Hottest bald men in Hollywood

Thick hair has always been a symbol of health and beauty and women do like to see it, but today bald is considered hot and sexy as well. In fact, according to research, ladies find bald guys macho, powerful and assertive. To prove this, here is a list of the hottest bald men in Hollywood.

Mark Strong








For Mark Strong, hair loss was an issue, but he soon learned that it wasn’t so bad. He said: “Certainly, there was a moment when I thought my life was effectively over. I couldn’t believe that I was going to have to walk round for evermore without any hair on my head. But then, very quickly, I got used to it and found that it was actually quite useful because you could use it for character. Villains in particular.” And, he certainly looks great.

Tyson Beckford








Actor and model Tyson Beckford is best known for being a Ralph Lauren Polo model, and for him, less is more. Although he can pull off any hairdo, many ladies will agree that bald is his best look. The bald head is a big reason why he is considered such a heartthrob by smitten girls all around the globe.

Vin Diesel








Vin Diesel is the kind of sexy tough guy every woman wants to be with and every man wants to be. He was born Oscar Sinclair Vincent and changed his name to Vin Diesel when he worked as a bouncer to make himself sound tough. The Fast & Furious actor knows that bald works for him and has stuck with it for years.

Michael Chiklis








Born in 1963, Chiklis with his rugged good looks made it huge in the television industry. He has never shied from expressing his revulsion for hair growth adverts. To him it is criminal to treat hair loss as if it was the worst possible happenings that could happen to a man.

Jason Statham








Jason Statham shaved his head after his hairline began to recede years ago. Despite that, he is the kind of action hero women would throw themselves at if given half a chance. Besides his acting heroics, Jason is also an avid athlete and that he finished 12th in the 1992 diving world championships.

Bruce Willis








Bruce Willis is another actor who won’t let his baldness stand in the way of his career. His charm, humor, and love appeal have enthralled audiences for years, and he won’t let a bald head change that anytime soon. The sexy and charming Hollywood superstar Bruce Willis is very comfortable going bald. As a measure of his stature amongst Hollywood legends, the movies he has featured in have grossed well over 3 billion dollars, making him the sixth highest grossing star in a lead role.

Stanley Tucci








Being so comfortable in his own skin is what makes Stanley Tucci so sexy. “It took me a long time to understand that you have to be serious about what you do, but you mustn’t take yourself seriously,” he said. “It was much easier after I lost my hair, if you want to know the truth. I started to work constantly once I went bald, so I’m thinking of losing all the hair on my whole body. That’s a disgusting thought and I don’t know why I said that.”

Taye Diggs








Since breaking into acting with his role in How Stella Got Her Groove Back, actor Taye Diggs has been blissfully bald. While he sometimes experiments with different types of facial hair, he seems to enjoy his low-maintenance hairstyle and ladies love it.



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