Hottest Hollywood actors

Hollywood is packed with beautiful, hot and sexy people and we all love them. However, today we will focus on the hunky actors who have the looks and the total package. Ladies, enjoy our list of the sexiest male celebrities of today.

Ryan Reynolds








A gift for comedy, horror, or literally anything thrown his way, Ryan Reynolds is more than just a pretty face – not to take anything away from that pretty face. He can make a woman laugh in any movie he’s in and his face has charm written all over it.

Paul Walker

paul walker







A native of Southern California, Paul grew up active in sports like soccer and surfing, and he has a great body to prove it. Walker’s at the centre of the action for Fast & Furious 6, which raced onto screens in May 2013. Also on the cards for Walker this year is Hurricane Katrina drama Hours, thriller Vehicle 19 and action comedy Pawn Shop Chronicles.

Idris Elba

idris elba







Appearing in one of 2012’s biggest releases – Prometheus – clearly wasn’t enough for the former Wire star. In 2013, Elba’s going bigger still with Pacific Rim – and a return as the Gatekeeper in Thor: The Dark World. This 6-foot-3-inch hunk with irresistible British accent is certainly one of the hottest stars of today.

Shia LaBeouf








A post-Transformers LaBeouf is wasting no time attempting to distance himself from that blockbuster franchise – in 2012, he delivered a surprisingly robust performance in Lawless… and then stripped down to his birthday suit for a Sigur Rós music video. With or without Transformers, Shia will always hold a place in our hearts as a great, and adorable actor.

Vin Diesel








Year after year, Vin Diesel has been regularly voted one of the hottest actors and for a reason. With his deep voice, great muscles and that famous bad boy attitude, Vin has been the object of women’s fantasies and that’s not going to change any time soon.

Chris Evans








Chris began his acting career in typical fashion: performing in school productions and community theater. The Human Torch, Captain America — there’s a reason Chris Evans keeps getting cast as superheroes. Not only is he built to tackle super villains, but he’s also a rom-com regular, so he knows a thing or two about treating a girl right.

Zac Efron








High School Musical’s well and truly in the past for Zac Efron in 2013, with the one-time crooner taking on ever-more challenging roles. Zac has always been eye candy for the female population. But since growing up and getting an ab-tastic bod, he’s gone from teen poster boy to A-list hottie.

Channing Tatum








This list would not be complete without super sexy and super funny Channing Tatum. After showing us what he’s got in Magic Mike, a surprisingly decent drama about taking your clothes off, it’s fitting that Tatum begins 2013 in another Steven Soderbergh project.

Bradley Cooper








This is one of the funniest men in Hollywood at the moment, and viewers can’t get enough. It doesn’t hurt that he is super cute as well. He’s a Georgetown grad who speaks French fluently, has a great sense of humor, and rocks an adorable smile. Oh, and he’s the Sexiest Man Alive. Convinced?

Hugh Jackman








He’s got the smoking hot body and dreamy eyes. Plus he speaks with an Australian accent. He’s quite literally the epitome of tall, dark and handsome. He teased us all through 2012 with ever-more-frequent snaps of his incredibly ripped form, and 2013 finally unleashes Hugh Jackman on the big screen as Wolverine once more.

Gerard Butler








He can be singing classic tunes in musicals or offending people, that accent and that crooked smile are always appealing. He’s a winner in almost every way. Men want to be this man and women want to be with him. He’s seriously hotness incarnate.

Henry Cavill








We’ve pored over the posters. We’ve devoured the trailers. We’ve even read the tea leaves in an attempt to find out what happens in the film. Now we finally get to see Henry Cavill in action as the Man of Steel. It’s a big deal, not just for Superman fans, but also for the ladies all over the world who can enjoy watching him shirtless in several scenes and saving the world in all others.



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