Hugh Hefner wants Margot Robbie for Playboy

margot-robbie-19th-critics-choice-movie-awards_4027528 Hugh Hefner wants to see Margot Robbie in Playboy. The 87-year-old media mogul thinks she is very pretty and would be the perfect Playmate.

He told Us Weekly magazine: ”We always want the latest, most popular girl of the moment, and that changes week to week. The girl that plays Jordan Belfort’s wife in Wolf of Wall Street is very, very pretty. She should be in Playboy! Send her a message! We’re ready for her. She would be great.”

Hefner is a huge movie fan and he liked this year’s Oscar nominees.

”I loved American Hustle. Wolf of Wall Street and DiCaprio in it. He was very, very good,” he added.

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4 responses to “Hugh Hefner wants Margot Robbie for Playboy”

  1. Vanessa says:

    What can I say Hugh Hefner has a great taste though he is a great pervert! LOL. I will be looking for the Playboy issue with Margot Robbie photographs in it, if she agrees the offer. It would be interesting to see another side of this beautiful woman and a great actress.

  2. Lyla says:

    Margot Robbie is definitely a very hot young woman, I think all the media is chasing her even more than awhile ago they were chasing Scarlet Johansen who was also very pretty and wild. I think Margot’s nature is a mixture of Charlize Theron’s beauty; Nicole Kidman’s refined style and pride, as well as Mila Cunis’s mischievous sexuality. Wow she really is a great and spicy mixture, no wonder Leonardo di Caprio has fallen for her, I think any normal man spending so much time with her on the filming would fall for her, not to mention Leo, who is known as the man able to appreciate the real beauty. But I am wondering will she accept Hugh Hefner’s offer or not, I wish she wouldn’t accept it, as if she would accept than probably I would stop respecting her that much as I do now.

  3. Rhonda says:

    I think Margot Robbie has a very well future in front of her, everyone loves her, and I guess she was all the chances to take one of the leading places in the Top of the world’s hottest females of the year. And honestly speaking she really deserves this title, as she gorgeous like a goddess. There is nothing to add to her in order to make her look even better than she looks now. And she is perfectly not only aware of the power that she has upon men, but is also successfully using it in order to gain the things that she would like to have. Even the tough cookie Leonardo di Caprio who is a very hard to get bachelor is doing everything she wants him to do. So she really captured my interest, and I cannot wait to see what else will come up into her beautiful head and how else she will surprise me.

  4. Mary says:

    I refuse thinking that Margot Robbie will accept Hugh Hefner’s offer and appear in anything that has to do with Playboy! No way! I mean she is too proud and sophisticated in order to have anything to do with it. Personally I think that young stars who are posing for Playboy are doing it because they are not very good at everything else, and they should keep somehow the place that they have found in Hollywood. It is not a good thing, but this is the way the things are in our world. And I am sure I will enjoy reading how she turned down the old dude’s offer and stayed the person she is. I mean isn’t it gross for young actresses to pose near the old eighty seven years old pervert guy? Isn’t is same as being a whore and selling yourself for money, only in this case for big money? No way! Margot is too good for something like that.