Hugh Jackman: Daniel Craig should do comedy

craig-jackman After starring together in A Steady Rain on Broadway in 2009, Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig became close friends.

In an interview with Express, Jackman said that the James Bond actor should go into comedy.

“Daniel is ridiculously funny in real life. I keep telling him he should do Saturday Night Live because he will make you cry with laughter. He’s also very cheeky,” Hugh said.

Jackman also hinted that he would take on the Bond role when Craig is ready to quit. “I think he has that gig for as long as he wants but I would consider it for sure at some point. Who wouldn’t?” he added.

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One response to “Hugh Jackman: Daniel Craig should do comedy”

  1. Melanie says:

    I love both these actors. I am happy they have become friends and that both know how to have a great time and fool around. If, Daniel is such a prankster and cheeky man, then I would like to see him acting in a comedy. Yes, why not invite him to a striking comedy for me to roll on the floor with tears. I haven’t watched anything like that for ages!