Hugh Jackman to take better security measures

jackman After being attacked by a fan named Katherine Thurston in a gym earlier this year, Hugh Jackman decided to pay more attention to his personal security. After the incident he realized that his family is not completely safe and that’s why he is now taking security issues more seriously.

Thurston was arrested after trying to attack the actor with a razor. She was charged with fourth-degree stalking and remains incarcerated at Riker’s Island prison.

Hugh+Jackman+FamilySpeaking for ABC News, Jackman said: “The situation did make me re-assess the way I handle life… I value the idea of bringing up my family here in America in the most normal way possible… We can walk the streets, do what you want. I always shun the idea of security details; I thought that that sort of attitude actually brought that on… Ultimately, the priority is the protection of your family and I didn’t want to be naive about the situation I’m in but things have settled down now and it’s just something I watch carefully. I don’t feel overwhelmed by it, but it’s something I do have to keep an eye on.”

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