Idris Elba’s new girfriend

rock n rolla premiere  020908 Make-up artist Naiyana Garth is Idris Elba’s new love interest. It is said that the couple has been dating secretly for months.

The relationship seems to be getting serious since Idris introduced his new girlfriend to his family.

A source told The Sun: ”They’ve been together for a few months but it’s really ramped up recently. They get on brilliantly and she’s a real hit with his family and friends. Idris is known as a ladies’ man but he’s really not at all. He’d rather have banter at the bar than spend all night grafting on women. Although he doesn’t have to try anyway, women flock to him.”

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One response to “Idris Elba’s new girfriend”

  1. Rese says:

    Idris Elba is a very sexy man, I have no doubts women flock after him. I am a bit jealous to this make up artist. I do not have a clue who she is, but now I will look up for the information available on the internet about this Naiyana. The name is very interesting to me. I hope she can make Idris happy. It is time to marry, man! )))