Is Keira Knightley Getting Married?

keira_knightley_618816 Rumor has it that Keira Knightley and her fiance James Righton are set to get married in the South of France this weekend (May 4).

According to some reports the couple is about to wed in Nice but they do not want to draw attention so they are planning it carefully. It should be a private ceremony with 100 guests.

A source told The Daily Mirror: ”It’s all been a massively covert operation – her friends and family were only told recently about the ceremony. They’ve all been told not to travel in big groups, to arrive separately and to all spread out where they’re staying so as not to draw attention to the wedding party.”

james_2333150bKeira and James got engaged in May 2012. A little while ago the actress said that she didn’t want the big wedding and that she wasn’t in a hurry to tie the knot. She said: ”I could have six fake weddings. God, that would be expensive. We’re not big-wedding types. I don’t need to have all that. I’m just trying to enjoy the engagement bit. My parents are together after 40 years. The fights are there, but they love each other.”

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