Is Miley Cyrus bisexual?

miley-cyrus-z100-jingle-ball-at-msg_3998220 Apparently, Miley Cyrus likes women.

As Life & Style magazine reports, the singer is much more interested in girls lately and she’s been hooking up with various ladies since her split from Liam Hemsworth.

“She’s been experimenting with women and even brags that she’s had threesomes,” a source said to be close with Miley told the magazine.

Another source claims that Cyrus “is definitely bisexual. She has women over to her house all the time and hooks up with them. Lately she is more interested in women than men. She was completely brokenhearted after Liam and is kind of over men for the time being. I wouldn’t be surprised if a woman came out and said she has hooked up with her soon.”

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2 responses to “Is Miley Cyrus bisexual?”

  1. Sammy says:

    Another scandalous article to pay attention to this scandalous lady. What can be even worse in Miley’s biography[phy these days? She is breaking the rules every day. I hope she doesn’t end in a jail or in overdose. She is too young and talented to die so early. Take care, Miley!

  2. Chuck says:

    Miley Cyrus has already become the name connected to troubles, misbehavior and scandalous attitude and look. Miley has been talking so much that not the sex makes a singer a singer, but their talent and hat she keep on doing? She performs naughty shows, rides naked the ‘wrecking ball’, smoke marijuana on stage, kisses ladies in public and whatsoever… I wonder where there is Miley we all used to know? That shy and smart nice and very talented young lady? I think after breaking with Liam she is coming through the crisis moment in her life doing crazy things trying to show the public she is happy. This looks miserable though. IMHO.