Jaime King explains why she posted a breastfeeding photo


After posting an Instagram photo of herself breastfeeding her eight-month-old son, Jaime King received the ”most beautiful responses” and couldn’t be happier.

Speaking to People, she said: ”I feel like now that I’m a mother, I realize that there’s a huge schism out there; that women feel judged because of what they choose to do and how they choose to feed their child.

”Why should we hide it? I also wanted to share the idea that it doesn’t matter whether you breastfeed or formula feed -as long as you are loving and caring for your child, that’s all that matters.”

However, the actress also pointed out that breastfeeding in public shouldn’t be frowned upon as it is certainly one of the most natural things.

jaime-king”I think that it’s ridiculous that it’s okay to walk around with pasties or no clothes on, and that’s fashionable and cool, but it’s not okay to feed your child? Rihanna looked so epically stunning at the CFDA’s the other night when I was there, and she was completely nude. And she looked beautiful. So why is there a problem for a woman to be nude nourishing her child?

”We all eat in public. I don’t see why it should be frowned upon. Nothing about the way a mother feeds her baby should be frowned upon,” Jaime added.

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3 responses to “Jaime King explains why she posted a breastfeeding photo”

  1. Julia says:

    I think it is one thing when you are breast feeding in public and people do not understand you or are trying to make you go away, and it is a completely different thing to make pictures of yourself while breastfeeding and post that online, the second option looks more like a fetish thing or a principle that Jayme King wants everyone to believe in. But that is certainly not nice. I think there are some other ways of proving that you are right and other people are wrong! Like for example considering the fact that she is an actress and has a whole bunch of fans, she could have just appealed to them with an ask, and they would gladly helped her with the issue.

  2. Annie says:

    I think it is all about policy here. Personally I am a mother of two children, but I never breast feeded my children in public, not because I was afraid of the things people will tell me or how they would look at me, but because I really love and respect my children as well as myself and I clearly see the difference between private things, from the ones that are being exposed in public, so I cannot understand how people can easily expose their selves than there are boundaries that are supposed to be respected. Even though I am a mother and I went through this process twice, I still can say that I would have felt myself awkward and embarrassed if I would see a woman nourishing her child.

  3. Irene says:

    I do understand that it is essential to feed your child with breast milk as it is much healthier of course, but at the same time I do not think that it is supposed to be done in public. In fact I never was able to understand why is it so difficult to make a small room, like a toilet but clean one for women who want to feed their child, or change its diaper, yeah I get it that there are places for changing diaper in the restroom, but still it is not an individual place, but in place where are a variety of people with their microbes and so on. I think that Jamie King has opened up a very important subject, but the way she did it I do not really like, I am sure there are hundreds of other ways she could have bring this to the society!