Jake Gyllenhaal likes playing complex characters

Jake-Gyllenhaal-Mike-and--010 In an interview with Guardian, Jake Gyllenhaal said he enjoys playing characters that are hard to love. The actor prefers complex characters that have some hidden depth, just like his latest Detective Loki in Prisoners.

He said: ”I look for something in the story that offers love in a more complicated way. I don’t look for darkness, whatever that means, but in my mind, darkness acknowledges great light too. I think when it comes to a character, I’m moved by folk that I might struggle to love at first; characters that I have to do enough research on and think enough about to be able to really fall in love with them. Recently, in particular, that’s what’s been happening. I love Detective Loki. I found it hard to let him go.”

jake-gyllenhaal-smileGyllenhaal also likes to do a thorough research for his roles. ”I don’t think my approach to acting is all necessarily in service of the character. I think, selfishly, I’ve put it in service of myself, my perspective on the world and helping my life. I realized with that type of research how much it changed my life and what a wonderful thing the job of acting is, in that it can give you perspective on the fact that what you do really isn’t that important at all,” he said.

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