James Franco disappointed with Sony Pictures

James-Franco-900-600 Actor James Franco, who played Harry Osborn in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, criticizes Sony Pictures for introducing the new Spider-Man series so soon. The actor believes that the executives should have waited a while instead of rushing with the project with a single purpose of making money.

Writing a review of the new Superman film in Vice magazine, Franco says: “I too have been in comic-book films – the Spider-Man trilogy directed by Sam Raimi. I mention the director because this distinction is now necessary in the wake of the new Spider-Man series that arose even before there was time to bury the corpse of the old one and enshroud it in the haze of nostalgia. I don’t have a huge emotional attachment to the Spider-Man franchise… and I don’t really feel much distress over its being remade, for many reasons, but what is interesting to me is that it has been remade so quickly – and the reasons why.

franco“The answer is, of course, money. We are in the film business, and the studios are owned by large corporations who want to make money. And, in this art form, where so much is spent and so much profit can be made, one criterion for success is inevitably the financial.”

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