James Franco: I don’t have time to sleep

james_franco_672174 Multi-talented and extremely busy James Franco has so many projects going on that he doesn’t even have enough time to sleep.

He is acting, directing, teaching film classes and has art exhibitions, so there’s not much time left for resting.

Asked if he ever goes to bed, he said: ”Some nights. I don’t need sleep. And then you do enough of those late nights and you eventually crash – you know, odd places, on set, or in class, or wherever.”

James-FrancoFranco’s busy schedule also takes toll on his social life, but he says he has found a way to incorporate socializing into his work by surrounding himself with like-minded friends. ”Well, I mean, as far as my social life, I’ve just learned to work with the people I love. I enjoy working creatively with people much more than getting wasted with them. I guess I just used those hours at the bar to do other things,” the actor said.

Even though Franco has accomplished many things, he is still very ambitious. He added: ”I love theatre. I’m actually supposed to act on Broadway in ‘Of Mice and Men’. So I think that’s gonna happen. And I’d like to write a play.”

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One response to “James Franco: I don’t have time to sleep”

  1. Jerry says:

    When I was at school I could go sleeping only 4-5 hours a night.

    Now that I’m accustomed to doing nothing, I can’t get up and function without getting 9-10 hours. ;-))
    Not good for his health! He must think of himself. And what a shock students will have when a professors sleeps in during the class. LMAO.