James Franco – Terrible Neighbor

people-james-franco.jpeg-1280x960 James Franco may have fans around the world, but those who live next to him are fed up with the actor. His neighbors are constantly complaining about his behavior, saying that he is a lousy neighbor who doesn’t respect them at all. According to the well-informed sources, several people who live near him have filed formal complaints with the L.A. Housing Department. The complaints are numerous, starting from the trash he leaves everywhere, parking space he takes up and they also complain about the noise. As one of his neighbors says, James is setting up a production shop at his home so the film crews make a lot of problems. Since so many people come and go, the traffic in the little street is becoming terrible. Franco’s guests park wherever they can so residents can’t park their cars and the busy traffic furthermore imposes threat to the children. Neighbors also complain about the actor’s security.0322-james-franco-house-2

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