Jamie Campbell Bower: Teenagers need movies

_jamie_campbell_bower 24-year-old actor Jamie Campbell Bower believes that teenagers need movies such as his new film The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones because they can identify with the story. He also understands why people are comparing his new movie with Twilight Saga but insists they are not the same.

The Mortal Instruments is not Twilight. There are similarities like vampires, werewolves and a love triangle, but love triangles have existed throughout history, in literature and movies. It’s never been easy being a teenager emotionally and hormonally, so it’s really important for them to have movies like this that they can identify with,” he said.

Jamie decided to drop out of school to pursue his acting career and is thankful for the support of his parents. ”I dropped out of my A-levels because I started to act. My parents could have gone, ‘Are you mental? We put so much effort, time and money into your education.’ But they were very supportive.”

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