Jamie Foxx leads Trayvon Martin peace walk

trayvon-peace-walk Jamie Foxx joined hundreds of demonstrators this weekend in Miami Gardens to keep the memory of Trayvon Martin alive.

Martin’s parents led the rally, commemorating the two year anniversary of his death and calling for peace. The teenager was shot dead by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman.

Addressing the crowd, Foxx said: “They say ‘Jamie why you got that Trayvon Martin shirt on? That ain’t in no more.’ I say, ‘Well, Trayvon Martin’s still dead; and his mother still grieves, his father still grieves, his brother is still wondering ‘Where’s my brother at?'”

Jamie said he was there as a father and a gun owner as he discussed responsible gun ownership across America.

9821001_vtfHe said, “What we are all supposed to do is protect our kids no matter what. We’re in a culture where things are sort of getting out of control… We’re starting to forget that guns actually kill. We’re starting to get desensitized to it. How can we be a society with guns, and responsible with guns? How can we be more responsible?”

“The blood that flows through America that is from gun violence is mostly African-American, and yet you young black folk sit here mute and ya’ll don’t say nothing about it,” Foxx added.

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One response to “Jamie Foxx leads Trayvon Martin peace walk”

  1. Marcel says:

    I totally agree with and support Jamie Foxx. I grief about Trayvon Martin with his family. Yes, we live in a very awkward world with the today’s freedom where the gun is not more a rarity and almost every one can buy it legally or illegally. People just think to much of themselves and think they can solve other destinies. This is so wrong. This is so sad that many crimes happen out of no reason, but sick mind of present generations.