Jamie Foxx thinks Kerry Washington did the right thing

movies-jamie-foxx Commenting on Kerry Washington’s secret wedding, Jamie Foxx said: ”I think she did the right thing. She kept it quiet.”

The actress secretly wed NFL football player Nnamdi Asomugha on June 24 and her Django Unchained and Ray co-star believes it is good she did it out of the public eye. Jamie wasn’t invited to the wedding and he said: ”No I didn’t get an invitation. It’s good that she didn’t because I would’ve blurted it out.”

The small ceremony was held in Hailey, Idaho and witnesses describe it as simple and sweet. A source said: ”Everything was held at one of Kerry’s friend’s houses. They flew a few people out on this little private plane. The house was beautiful. It was small, just family and close friends. They said their own vows, people stayed at the house. It was really simple and sweet. The dress was plain white, slim-fitting, like it could have been off a rack. It was really regular.”

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