Jamie Foxx’s daughter unfazed by Electro costume

foxx Jamie Foxx didn’t impress or frighten his four-year-old daughter Annalise when he brought her on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man and told her he was going to play the villain Electro. Foxx was transformed for the role, his head was shaved and his skin was blue with electric veins all over his body, but young Annalise wasn’t fazed.

Jaime said: “She was on the set when we were shooting Spider-Man. And she had her third birthday on set and had a whole Spider-man theme. And I told her I was going to be playing Electro. She said that Spider-Man was going to kick my butt because I am the villain.”

The actor explained that his daughter was on the set of Django too, so she had already seen all the craziness. “She was on the set of Django. She was used to all of the craziness. So by the time we got to this, she was like, ‘I’m a lightweight,'” he added.

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