Jared Leto: My hometown is oppressive


Jared Leto was born in Bossier City, Louisiana, but he is glad that he left his hometown early because he never really liked it there and finds the town very oppressive.

Speaking to FourTwoNine magazine, the Oscar-winning actor said: ”We escaped early on. It’s very oppressive. We would go back for the summers and stay with our grandmother, though. So the culture was always there that we returned to.

”We moved around every couple of years growing up. Way up to north Massachusetts. Everywhere. But no matter where we were it was a very creative environment around artists. That is obviously an important reason that Shannon and I are pursuing the path that we are now.”

Leto, who is also a member of 30 Seconds to Mars, is happy that the band has a large LGBT fun base.


He said: ”I got a note from a kid yesterday. We were signing a thousand CDs after a show. If you looked at him, he looked like any young kid maybe in twelfth grade or eleventh grade who’d be on the baseball team or something. A nice looking kid. He handed me a note and it said, ‘I just want to say thanks so much for the music. It’s helped me in many ways-especially with coming out this year to my family.”’


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